About TRG human resource consultancy

You don’t look any further than TRG human resource consultancy to meet your talent acquisition and employment needs. We provide all your recruiting solutions under one window.

We have started our journey in 2021, during this duration of the period. We have developed a strong network of employers and employees. Our major portion of testimonials that are satisfied with our customer services in finding the perfect match in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. As well as we serve hundreds of companies in finding suitable employees.

We are top leading Recruitment group among the top-tier companies that serve a number of clientele in the field of information and technology.

Among our extensive clientele from the overall world in the region top are Information Technology (IT), Oil & Gas, Construction, and other top industries. With our extensive database of professionals from various industries, we meet their massive demand for quality human resources. 

TRG human resource consultancy that provide headhunting services not only to firms but also job seekers who are finding to match the best opportunities. However, our outstanding human resources staffing solutions also provide assistance to employees, including the visa processing.

TRG human resource consultancy provides skilled manpower to various Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Japan, and Malaysia, and sustained its position as an overseas recruitment provider in Dubai, Pakistan, India, Sri-lanka Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. Levels of employment include Engineering, Telecommunication, Healthcare, IT, Construction, etc. We have emerged as the #1 leading providers of recruitment services. To achieve customer satisfaction over the several years and in continuous effort to reach maximum individuals, consultants, and overseas employers aiming for careers development services and talented masses respectively.

Our Vision

We intend to deliver efficient recruitment services and solutions for our clients through the provision of appropriately skilled individuals for their companies.

At TRG Human Resource Consultancy, we envision a revolutionary employment environment in which individuals can be linked to career options in a more effective, agile, and win-win situation for both candidates and companies. We also have a massive global network of job seekers and a large pool of firms and companies listed with us in the present and future. According to the past outstanding experiences both employer and employee provide confidence to strengthen the relationship, we have formed while working in the industry for the past few years. We hope to build up new bonds that will last and result in a better world in which the future of our younger generation is more secure and strong than they have ever been.

Our Mission

To turn the vision into the reality of being the best Recruitment agency services provider in key south Asian countries; Dubai, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh by providing qualified personnel to the gulf cooperation countries ( GCC) and European regions. Management of overseas recruitment processes in accordance with set guidelines provided by government authorities will be the way to excel as a Top management and labor Supply Company in Dubai.

 Following the agency’s vision, our mission is to build up a long-term relationship with our employers and employees while promoting the export of key Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Dubai, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh) skilled and professional labor. Our oriented goal is to ensure that every person we hire becomes an important contributor to our client’s businesses and the economies of their respective countries.


Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Message

From the starting journey to moving forward. Our recruitment group is well-known among South Asian recruiting agencies. T.R.G is in the struggle to grow its network exponentially in the future than it has been in the past. We always value the developed relationship with regional businesses both large and small, from a variety of industries and sectors. We continue our efforts to serve our clients through end-to-end recruitment solutions and intend to do so even more zealously in the years ahead because we know that is the gateway to a world where unemployment is not a more challenging task. We appreciate both the employee met partners and job seeker’s continued reliance on our headhunting services. It is our objective that our services will only improve over time; as a result, we are confident that we will emerge as a more dependable recruitment partner in the future.

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