Oil and Gas Recruitment Services

TRG Human Resource Consultancy is one of the leading oil and gas recruitment  and overseas companies that are worked in exploration and production firms in oil and gas industry.  Our main goal is to identify and delivering human resource and services that promote efficiency and creativity in focused and highly competitive environment

T.R.G provides the following services to the clients in the energy industry: natural gas, offshore, upstream and midstream, onshore and downstream.

  • Human resource services
  • Talent acquisition
  • Solutions managed and weighed
  • Global employment and mobility
  • Consultations

TRG human resource consultancy that is specialized in oil and gas recruitment already worked on the important engineering project through the wide range of networking. We are here to provide best match and expertise that are available anywhere. Our human resource staffing solutions have extensive experience providing contract and permanent staffing as well as managed services solutions. In order to successfully operate as a search firm, we use a step-by-step procedure in which we gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and culture.

The majority of European countries are showing interest in investing in oil and gas industry. The gulf cooperation countries are rich of oil and gas resources. Their income is increasing day by day. The United Arab Emirates has already investing in all, these areas. There is number of chances that UAE will dominate in the global market of oil and gas industry. Sudan is also planning to increase its investing in oil pipeline refining capacity. It is also heavily investing in oil and gas industry.

Oman has grown to have reserves that are approximately 79.4 times its annual consumption. Romania is richly endowed with natural gas resources in central and Eastern Europe. Kuwait, Poland, Germany, and Japan have increased their GDP by investing hundreds of billions of dollars.

Our consultants have wide range of experience in contract and permanent staffing, as well as managed service solutions. Our search methodology is step by step process in which we gain a thorough understanding of our candidate’s needs and culture in order to successful operates as an extension of their agency. We provide flexible and customized workforce solutions for the best results for oil and gas industry.

Oil, is also known as petroleum, is extremely important because it is used as raw material in many chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizer, synthetic, fragrances and plastic. This is why success in oil and gas industry is critical for nation-state. TRG human resource consultancy and Supply Company are looking for all jobs opening for employers and employee in oil and gas field from all over the world.

Oil and gas recruitment