Why T.R.G is Top Tier Outsourcing Company – Gateway to Talent at Global level

TRG is top tier outsourcing company that is gateway to talent at global level find meaningful work in the UAE, job seekers should contact an experienced staffing and recruitment agency. A top tier recruitment agency in the UAE, such as TRG human resource consultancy, on the other hand, deals with all different kinds of recruitment, from skilled labor to professional level workers. So, if you want to find employment in the UAE, contact a reputable manpower agency.

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Overseas Recruitment Services

Overseas Recruitment Services

TRG human resource consultancyservices providing manpower's clients have immediate access to a highly qualified candidate pool. Because to the company's competence in recruiting and extensive understanding of global and local talent trends. We are widely recognized as one of the best international overseas recruitment services provider for businesses. We also help people get jobs abroad. Do you need to fill a position quickly and are interested in working with an international recruitment firm? Use our international employment advisory services right away.

HR Outsourcing

Outsourcing is part of the human resource functions allows businesses to focus on growth their company and leaving the professional employers to handle day to day employee administration. For businesses in Dubai and all over the world, we offer HR outsourcing services to handle the entire human resources process, from hiring and onboarding new staff to ensuring that all salaries are paid on time in accordance with the UAE workplace protection standard (WPS). We assist companies in fulfilling the requirements of UAE labour legislation, such as providing health insurance, contracts, and other employees perks (e.g., leaves, airfare, gratuity, etc.).


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Many businesses are currently going out their way to use offshore recruitment process outsourcing (PRO) services. Of course, the hiring process is not simple, thus businesses are choosing to handle these specific position through outsourcing. You must be highly adaptable to working on wide scale if you want to undertake this endeavor. By integrating PRO into your company. It would be simple to handle the whole functionality of such complicated challenges through outsourcing consultation. Finding such RPO services based companies, though, is one of the organization’s toughest challenges. Our recruitment process outsourcing must be trustworthy and capable of sharing information when dealing with different standards at different levels.

Permanent Recruitment

From the provision of temporary appointments to permanent recruitment for jobs, we T.R.G tried our best to provide our recruitment services to skilled individuals particularly in various sectors of job market on national and international level. Being a registered entity of recruitment agencies functioning in Dubai, India, Bhutan, Sri-lanka and Pakistan, we provide trained and competent permanent recruitment agency to various Gulf States, Eastern republics, and to various regions of this vast world. We are certainly the best permanent recruitment agency in Dubai keen to hire Manpower from various parts of world.

Recruitment and Executive Search

Recruitment and Executive Search

TRG human resource consultancy is the first company in MENA region to specialize in the recruitment and executive search. We have partnership with all of the major gulf countries employers. We are dedicating to develop the lasting connections with our clients, and we do this by offering specialized solutions for their hiring requirement at all level. Our executive search services employees a 360- degree marketing network to find the highly qualified individuals to require for your firm’s upper management role.

T.R.G what Make You Distinctive

TRG human resource consultancy is more than a UAE recruitment firm. It is a leading company in talent acquisition in a diverse range of countries. Years of hardship and positive outcomes and efforts helped the agency become one of the top tier recruiting agencies. Listed below are the characteristics that set us apart from the competitors in the market.

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Recruitment Services for Job Seekers

T.R.G provides recruitment services for job seekers. Hiring and directing masses for various job levels such as labor, managers, and engineers is a time-consuming task for recruiting agencies, but we are in a struggle to improve efforts to maintain an inclusive relationship with our clients.

Visa Processing Services

We are not only limited with provision of skilled workers to the employee according to your requirements but also responsible for the visa processing, medical service provision and other oversea details. You can easily approach us for the best deal and services.

Skilled Headhunters

Our well trained skilled headhunters in TRG human resource consultancy have worked and groom the job seekers according to the company’s demand. Our multicultural, dedicated team of experienced recruitment consultants is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.

Presence at Ideal location

T.R.G is a reputable and well-known manpower agency in the UAE ideal location. It has offices in all of south Asia’s including Pakistan, India key locations to find the right candidate.