Marine and Shipping Recruitment Services

TRG human resource consultancy maintain outstanding reputation in the marine and shipping industry for providing exceptional job opportunities and collaboration closely with our customer to provide an efficient solution tailored to the needs of the maritime industries. Our overseas services in marine and shipping industry ensure confidentiality and professionalism while tailoring each task to the client’s requirement.  We make use of the all available resources to ensure that your search is fruitful and productive.

Some of the common jobs that T.R.G fits under the marine and shipping industry recruitment are given below:

  • Trading, chartering and broking
  • Claims management & Analysis
  • Classification and verification
  • Executive management
  • Engineering staffing solutions
  • Manufacturing &Marine services
  • Marine and shipping technology
  • Sales and marketing &Project management
  • Supply chain &Technical analysis

TRG human resource consultancy expertise as individuals and as a companies in our specialist areas under marine and shipping industry that we covered, combined with our industry knowledge and network, distinguish us.  Our human resource management and expert headhunting team members have more than a year of experiences in the field of expertise, giving them a unique understanding of the work we do as well as a broad and diverse network.

Our highly professional staff ensures that marine and shipping industry services and job seekers in that sector have nothing to worry about once they have partnered with us.

Marine and shipping industry